To explain a solution one must understand what the problem is, and in the Gold and Silver Mining Industry the problem is lost Gold because until the invention of a revolutionary recovery technology called the Plasma Incubator System there was no way to recover the Monoatomic and Colloidal Gold that encapsulates each piece of iron or Black Sand in an ore. There is no way to assay how much of these two types of Gold are in an ore. The reason being is that they cannot be collected by acids or seen by current assay equipment. They exist as individual atomic particles on the inside and outside of all iron in an ore body. The only way to collect these elusive particles of gold is to separate them into their Nano Particle Form. In order to do this you must have a way to separate them from their host which is the Black Sand.


In order to recover these Nano Particles of Gold you first have to separate them from the Black Sand.

For 25 years a man by the name of Dr. Abe Beagles has been working on this exact solution and he has designed and built a recovery system called the Plasma Extractor System. The PES Technology as it is called functions under the strict postulates of Physics.

To explain the workings of the PES Technology one must have some knowledge of Chemistry and a little knowledge of Physics Law. In order to make it easy to understand for the layman I am going to give you an inside look at the physics behind the technology.

First you must suspend the Black Sand in water. Then you must transport 33 gallon of the slurry at 100 PSI to what is called the Reactor which is only 22 inches long and one and half inches in diameter. It is made up of three separate chambers. The first chamber uses Cavitation to create oxygen bubbles in the Slurry. Then those bubbles are compressed which causes them to Implode and this generates extreme heat at the point of implosion for only a Nano Second. The temperature generated is up to 14,000 degrees Fahrenheit. This starts to separate each element contained into the Black Sand into individual atoms of the element. The next two stages of the Reactor completes the separation of the elements into their individual Nano Particles of themselves with no other element bound to them.

Once the Slurry comes out of the Reactor it is carried to a special table that is called the FREQUENCY VIBRATOR. This is a proprietary design and its purpose is to create the Frequency of Gold so that only the Gold Nano Particles are attracted to a certain portion of the table. Here the Gold settles into a 30 inch oblong area and is then suctioned up by a swinging vacuum arm that places the gold off of the table into a compartment for removal. The rest of the Nano Particles go around this area because it is not attracting them because it is not emanating their Frequency so they go on into the tailings tank and can be recovered later.

The recovered Gold is then 999.99 pure so the last step is a simple melting into a bar.